Choosing Poisons

Much of what I consume is involuntary. Nauseous exhaust, pesticides, heavy metals, microplastics.

I am needfully careful about what I do choose. A process of elimination, spiraling around a primary principle: choose what comes from the nearest geographical place, and which has undergone the fewest transformations.

No coffee, no tea, no cocoa, no refined sugar.

Alcohol depends on the season, and only ever as a food, not an intoxicant.

Cannabis depends on the season, and is best consumed mixed with other smoking herbs. A source of pleasure, introspection, and social joy.

Vitamins and supplements seem necessary only because the food that is available for purchase is deficient in nearly all nutrients. There is a vicious cycle at work, educating bodies to consume synthetic nutrition rather than what comes from nutrition.

Prescribed pharmaceuticals are useful, undeniably. Useful in mitigating symptoms in times of crisis. But what happens upon habituation? A chronic treatment engenders chronic illness. If a body is always consuming synthetic chemicals, it never learns to heal itself.