Claiming Aceso

Aceso is honest. Aceso is an alchemist. Aceso is temperance. Sometimes harsh, sometimes gentle. Always attuned to the needs of healing. They do not heal so much as guide the sick towards convalescence, regeneration, reinstoring their own capacity for recuperation.

In portuguese, galician, italian, related to: (transitive) to light, set alight, ignite, kindle (transitive) to turn on (a device) (transitive, figuratively) to fire up

From Ancient Greek Ἀκεσώ (Akesṓ).

Suidas s.v. Epione (trans. Suda On Line) (Byzantine Greek Lexicon C10th A.D.) : “Epione : wife of Asklepios (Asclepius), and daughters named Hygeia, Aigle (Aegle), Iaso, Akeso (Aceso), Panakeia (Panacea).”

Suda On Line: