“It resides in our brains and stretches itself out through time, connecting each and everyone of us together, using us to force itself into material existence… In a peculiar motion, the knowing ape undergoes a partly conscious act of creation in the manner of Dr. Frankenstein. A body is grown, grasping at whatever it can take in, making flesh, stealing code. We build our trajectory upon shifting sands, held together by our ability to negotiate, to compromise, to determine which way the wind blows and thus set sail through the fog. However, one must remember that the binds that tie may also be used to rip a body in twain… The virus is there, as a process, as processing itself, forcing us to witness a veiled existence, forcing us to take part in itself. Some of us get so drawn into identifying with the virus that they lose sight of the way that we are held captive to it. They feed the growth of masks and armor, so they might hide from themselves, and protect against others. They force those who’d rather not draw from this poisoned source to feed the growth of masks, and armor as well.” [From the Pattern is the Pattern]