Dream It to A Utopian Anarchist over lands in a curve of rivers and oceans

by Corpus Cantopen

I am alive as your dark soul's mirror. My chaos left over this apocalyptic carnival. But I'm moving along smoothly, like a turtle and wild weeds at the same time. You are able to freely throw me as garbage into the ocean or burn me as you burned your land in the mountains.

You are free to simply make a wish, and I will grant all of your wishes. I will satisfy your needs, even all your sutras’ desires without borders. I am your solid blackness. As a way of life, I am a minimalist concept of the human body.

Your emptiness frightens you into fasting from all material desires. Are you stuck in a situation trying to heavy lift your life? Your habits are just unhealthy and unpeacefully competing with your experiences to be calculated for a personal deposit in the bank. We talked about it at a fun party that you left all dried up!

You cut our tongue out in an effort to stop interrupting. You made it entirely work as the weird bubbling noises became us. We will never frequently request your merchandise. We do suggest other reputable companies with a wide range of experience to our playground that you will not be able to imagine.

You will find yourself facing your broken mirror now. You lose all what are-so-called the roots of archipelagos. I dreamt it as a utopian anarchist for the hell of darkness. Your alienated self's tenderness is whispering into your deepest nightmare.

the Earth plate trembles as shivers blades in every land, so many long tears flowed the clouds never spoke out louder than cried thou heart glistened over the great thunder comes the heavy rain for the disaster plague as a sham realization of your blood beliefs a metamorphic wind blows in a craving sky this is only the start of all the hell's wars a beautiful beginning against the gods

A discussion is only another burden that is not being done by others freely. At a distance, consciousness is mistakenly assumed to accomplish something significant in society, as the largest ballroom is blinded by passion in the name of morality on the edge of ethics.

The mud will take care of all your assignments to lead the needs of the service provided. There is no requirement to be highly qualified to demonstrate who is the winner and the loser. You made the puzzle grade with a very low level of intellectual and emotional intelligence. What an embarrassment to pride. You must use your expensive mask to cover your life for a better hood.

From your most hated to all the emotions you're spreading like seeds underneath of disbelief to move on in pain and sorrow. We are coming back to matching the games on another platform, meanwhile, empathizing with the needs of feelings of ease to support simplicity and safety.

Feel free to make us feel guilty about this!