January Meeting: Saturday Jan 8 – Easy Does It

Preliminary discussion on regrouping highlights the ardent pleasure of simply talking to one another, with no need to systematically pretext such meetings as an occasion to read, or an imposition of homework. As such, since no texts or media were proposed to be addressed right away, the next meeting is another time for open conversation. This ongoing discussion, as always, is open to all who would like to join.

Some questions/themes arose last time, worth turning over: How do you choose what goes on/in your body? Is this a matter of aesthetics, of discerning personal preference? In turn, where is the line between being sold a lifestyle and forming a sense of personal sensibility; how do you make sense of sensation?

Alternatively, and not entirely discontinuous: How can you make dissent easeful? When is refusal easy?

Saturday Jan 8th, 7pm ET, 4pm pacific, or midnight UTC.

As usual: https://meet.jit.si/actualstallsbecomethus