What we've read so far

  1. Nietzsche and Anarchy – Shahin
  2. On The Genealogy Of Morality – Friedrich Nietzsche
  3. Stirner's Critics – Max Stirner
  4. Nihilism as Egoism – Keiji Nishitani
  5. The Unique And Its Property – Max Stirner
  6. Blessed is the Flame – Serafinsky (audio)
  7. baedan: journal of queer nihilism — issue one
  8. Meditation on Mediation: Direct Experience as Spirituality – Mia X. Kursions
  9. First Protocols of Queer Goetia
  10. The Individualist Anarchist Discourse of Early Interwar Germany – Constantin Parvulescu
  11. Cosmic Pessimism – Eugene Thacker
  12. from the anthology Serpent Songs: The Other Blood: A Prelude and Stregonaria: A Roman Furnace – Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold, and Passers-By: Potential, Crossroads & Wayfaring on the Serpent Road – Jesse Hathaway Diaz
  13. To Break the Jaw of the Night Mare: an exorcism – Tamarix (audio)
  14. The Pattern is The Pattern – Oddo Grinnlau
  15. Absolute Typhos – Alejandro de Acosta
  16. The Nihilist as Not-Man – Ștefan Bolea
  17. Cronos and the Tyranny of the Normal – Gabriel
  18. The Past Is Yet to Come – Eduardo Viveiros de Castro and Déborah Danowski
  19. from Meeting the Universe Halfway: Quantum Physics and the Entanglement of Matter and Meaning: Agential Realism (chapter 4) – Karen Barad
  20. Borges and I, The Circular Ruins, The Lottery in Babylon, and The Garden of Forking Paths – Jorge Luis Borges
  21. Becoming No-Man, Peter Grey
  22. No Longer Human, Junji Ito