June 26th

astride the hedge gemma gray

For next week we will be reading select pieces from the text Serpent Songs - An anthology of traditional craft. Those sections are:

About the text Traditional Craft is defined as any non-Gardnerian, non-Alexandrian, non-Wiccan or pre-modern form of the Craft. From The Other Blood: “Even if Traditional Witchcraft varies dramatically in its expressions, there are vectors of commonality to be found. It is those vectors that brought together this gathering of serpentine voices under the Traditional Witchcraft landmarks: blood, night, land and crossroads.”

“Stregoneria is the art of living strategically, with passion, dedication, desire and intention, taking into their own hands the responsibility for their lives by transforming the death of the physical body in the birth of the luminous body.”

“Hidden in the dark forest of each breath, there is a serpent-tongued road that offers the keys to heaven or hell; yet as quickly as this stang of opportunity reveals itself, it is gone again – until the bottom of the next breath, wherein a new road presents itself, and another, and another...”

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