May Day

Serendipitously (or perhaps not) our next reading group date falls on May the 1st! Because of that, we will be doing something a bit different than previous sessions. Rather than reading from a specific text or confining ourselves to a textual focus at all, we will be responding to the question,

“What does anarchism, or anarchy mean to you?”

Our desire is for people to respond to this in any way they see fit, be it through story, poem, song, discussion, art, silence, or anything else. Similarly, feel free to take it in a definitional or sentimental direction. Rather than being a show-and-tell of sorts, we'd like for this to be more akin to a chaotic dinner party, where the focus is on enjoyment rather than any other formality. And of course, you are encouraged to bring guests!

Because we are a reading group we couldn't resist offering up at least one piece of optional reading: The Witch's Child.

As always, we will be meeting on jitsi at 6PM CST. You can email (bugs) Ⓐ for the jitsi room link, or get it from a friend.

a may day celebration around a tree