As a lot of you, who may be reading this, are aware a large number of us joined Mastadon following the purge of antifascist accounts from Facebook and the building of a new Mastadon service by the people at Kolektiva.

Overall Mastadon has been refreshing; good people, good discussions, few, if any, know, all the things social media is not. But, the one issue I keep running into is related to post length.

Often I am writing posts that extend across various individual messages, and these can tend to get lost in the flurry of posts and replies necessary to express anything with depth.

That is why this blog exists. It will be a place where I will be posting reflections, reading notes, random musings, etc, and a site from which this content can be shared.

Thanks Bugs and anyone else who is running and maintaining and this wonderful, growing, ecosystem of radical alternate infrastructure!