A Way of Performance Artist Life creo quia absurdum est

by Corpus Cantopen

A way of life, it is a whole of anything that develops a personality. What is freedom? Naturally, the fixed patterns are not recognized by the conscious mind. A present moment testifies, deepens, and intrigues as a mirror of simplicity, that so-called “creo quia absurdum est” as my new step after the trapezoid, before it all went into the skeleton of the dust. What is time?

“If the night breathes deeply I, stutter to delete the memories” [“Sitting On The Rocks”[1], Okty Budiati, 2018]

From the actual reflection, a repetitive arises spontaneously. Until one day, I thought I had found another edge for free falls. Yet, the results of a quality life are extraordinary. A space where I feel warm and encouraged. Positive energy is able to be transferred and manifested by the virtual connection remotely.

The living of Maya as its body works on “Human Individuality”[2] is captured as my personal experience of “Nonviolent Communication”[3] in different ways across time and space. If I may say so clearly, nothing is new in the way of searching for oneself. And, in my presence to see what is original and natural, the living floating of life is a deep unfolding of a very fair existence.

A word needs connectivity to be related in practice. The Living Practice: “While we may not consider the way we talk to be ‘violent,’ words often lead to hurt and pain, whether for others or ourselves.” [“Marshall Rosenberg”[4]]

I see that “I”[5] entered another dimension of nothingness with many stars’ sparling as the atoms of spirit. These true events were not spooks! A real activity in snitching the meaning of “compassionate” instead of a word. A complete strait is contained within an organic instrument. A strategy of sonic censoring the waves like an ocean This matter will be helpful to me in surface scenes. I am alive; therefore, I feel I need to restart my cognition[6].

Lass Dich fallen. Lerne Schlangen zu beobachten. Pflanze unmögliche Gärten. Lade jemand Gefährliches zum Tee ein. Mache kleine Zeichen die “ja” sagen und verteile sie überall in Deinem Haus. Werde ein Freund von Frieheit und Unsicherheiten. Freue Dich auf Träume. Weine bei Kinofilmen. Schaukel so hoch Du kannst mit einer Schaukel bei Mondlicht. Pflege verschiedene Stimmungen. Verweiger Dich “verantwortlich” zu sein. TU ES AUS LIEBE. Mach eine Menge Nickerchen. Gib Geld weiter. Mach es jetzt. Das Geld wird folgen. Lache eine Menge. Bade im Mondlicht. Träume wilde, phantasievolle Träume. Zeichne auf die Wände. Lies jeden Tag. Stell Dir vor, Du wärst verzaubert. Kicher mit Kindern. Höre alten Leuten zu. Öffne Dich. Tauche ein. Sei frei. Preise Dich selbst. Lass die Angst fallen. Spiele mit allem. Unterhalte das Kind in Dir. Du bist unschuldig. Baue eine Burg aus Decken. Werde nass. Umarme Bäume. Schreibe Liebesbriefe. [“Poem by Joseph Beuys”[7]]

Answering a number of processes based on observations of the current situation, a nearly continuous flow of personal life is modeled with such high-resolution imaging of individuality measurement activities. It is already becoming the blood while our body is the great satellite of the vessel. I dream about floating life as a beautiful city of compassion. “Venus’s mud”[8] undergoing “atmospheric transformation.”[9]

I stated that the nothingness in every present is like a frozen moment of time. A crystalized its abstractions between love and war as a personal political process to stimulate acknowledgement of the emotions' effects on my body in an anarchist way.

It is only the perception of change that enriches and arouses the tenderness of species in connection with all species in the universe:
“The effects of weeping are usually seen in the contraction of the muscles and tears, which raises attention as a sign of preparation for fighting. This expression is smooth without a sound that corners us with suffering, whose determination is so deeply illustrated.” [“On Freedom of Suffering”[10], Okty Budiati, 2022]

I rejected the concept of being abusive and destructive, and I found myself as an alien in a world that valued abuses and harshness. The much more elaborate, narrower and deeper labyrinth has become my basis, the freedom to choose a way of life.

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